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We purchased our first two Tibetan Spaniel females from Rivervalley Kennel in Prince Edward Island.  We then added a male from the Rivervalley Kennel, another female from Tashi Kennel  and finally a male from Royald Kennel.    With this foundation we started our breeding program.


Our Foundation Males Are

Can. Ch. Rivervalley's Katana Do

Can./Am. Ch. Royald's Rob-In-Hood O'Tibroke


Our Foundation Females Are

Can. Ch. Rivervalley's Tao Zen Spirit

Can. Ch. Rivervalley's Sho Dan Dreamer

Can. Ch. Tashi Jen Neih


Waome Bred


Can./Am. Ch. Waome's A Pache of Noel

Can. Ch. Waome's Spirit's Miracle Budo

Waome's Jen Neih Louie Pierre



Can. Ch. Waome's Sheba The Queen

Can. Ch. Waome's Spirit's Carbon Copy

Waome's Dreamer's Wenonah

Waome's Spirit's Patchwork Quilt


Waome Show Puppies Loved by Others

Am. Ch. Waome N Whillo B's Dreamweaver

Waome Fan Ta Sy At Wagabond


Waome Puppies Loved by Others

Dreamer's Puppies

Spirit's Puppies


Waome's Great Dane

Tanglewood Cassiopeia of Waome


Waome's Rottweilers

The Girls

The Boys


Waome's Friends of the Feline Persuasion


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